Victoria Apartments II

Apartments II

Szczecin, by the Dąbie Lake

The premiere of a new stage!

Development investments in Szczecin

Projects currently on sale

Experience-Built Competence

PCG is one of the fastest-growing developers in Lower Silesia, actively operating within the structures of the Polish Association of Developers.


years of experience

500 000 m2

of apartments sold


completed investments



A trustworthy developer

PCG has been setting standards on the Lower Silesian development market for over 30 years. We are ambitious in entering new markets, bringing new quality to housing investments. In recent years, we have expanded our real estate portfolio – Szczecin, Jawor, Zielona Góra and Wałbrzych have joined Wrocław and Legnica. We belong to the Polish Association of Developers.


Turnkey apartment

Our architects will prepare a complete design of the apartment taking into account the assumed budget and individual needs of future residents.

Then they buy materials and coordinate the work of contractors, minimizing the need to involve your time.

VR apartment tours

Do you want to see the apartment before it's built? At PCG it is possible! We focus on comfort and state-of-the-art technologies to help you choose an apartment. Thanks to multimedia models of the investment, you can not only walk around the selected apartment, but also see the surroundings and the nearest area of the investment.

A place to live

Szczecin is a city with great opportunities! It was not without reason that in 2020 it was among the 20 fastest growing cities in the EU. It is a place eagerly chosen by investors, which has a huge impact on the quality of life of residents. At PCG, building a coherent and thoughtful architecture, we contribute to the improvement of the functionality of urban space, which, apart from its aesthetic qualities, is primarily to respond to the needs of society.

Floating garden

Greenery and water occupy more than half of the area of Szczecin! It is a modern city that offers its residents and tourists plenty of opportunities to spend their free time – whether by the water or in the forest. A large number of greenery and parks give real rest. Szczecin strongly focuses on ecology and yachting. It is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle perceived as a natural element of everyday life of the residents.

PCG - we develop people

At PCG, we promote the healthy development, because a healthy society is a happy society. We believe that when passion, experience and capital come together, every city can move off the couch. PCG creates local initiatives and promotes the healthy development of local societies in a sporting spirit, and PCG equips its investments in facilities for active people.

We build relationships

We are close to the local community, supporting its activities. We build neighbourhood relations, among others, by participating in events organized by the Condo Boards in Szczecin. We observe, listen and respond to the needs of the environment.


The idea of maintaining harmony between the development and the comfort of life being part of the ecosystem has accompanied us from the beginning of our activity. We design responsibly, giving residents the opportunity to co-create an environment which is an element of their everyday life.

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